The 3-Step Plan to a Killer Promotion of your Online Business

Are you still trying to make a hit on the online market with your business? Read this article and learn how to grow your online business with a ‘killer’ promotion in 2017.

Let me guess, you tried all the promotion tricks in the book, right? You got some results, but not what you aimed for?

The first thing you need to set is a game plan on how you are going to play out your marketing strategy so you can get you online business where you want to.

There is a 3 step plan on how to do a clean and successful promotion strategy.

  1. Define your Market and Goals

– First things, first. To create a fruitful promotion plan, you must set the basic target and goals.

Who are you targeting? What do you offer to the market? Having a clear niche definition will attract the right clients you want for your business. Do your research about finding the right ‘online persona’ i.e the perfect customer for your business defined by demographics and characteristics.

Nowadays, in order to have a successful promotion, you must awaken an emotion in the customer’s eyes. A research of psychology says that consumers bring decisions to purchase only when they trigger an emotional benefit for them. Therefore, you must have a strong value proposition in order to have a successful promotion for your online business. 

Make sure you set a SMART goal so you can measure the success of the promotion. SMART stands for (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-driven, and time-limited) type of goals.

  1. Growth and Strategy

Set your growth plan on the desired mode, aggressive or steady. Once you have the growth goal set, you can define the objectives and action sets to achieve them on time.

Your Strategy needs to define the path of the promotion, i.e where to focus your promotion objectives and what to achieve first. That can be set up a webinar to increase the awareness, SEO strategy, advertising the benefits of the product or similar.

  1. Track the Promotion and Calculate the ROI

There are a lot of tools that you can implement in your online business in order to track the results of your online promotion and define whether you achieved good feedback or if you have achieved a good return on investment ratio. Keeping track of the results will reveal the flaws and perfections of your plan and let you react timely on improving the strategy.What type of promotion would you set for your online business? Now that you know how to set a killer promotion, focus on achieving the online business objectives and measure the results to know your position on the market.

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